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Obtain Form PA4 - Looking for help with Probate?

For help with Probate and to have all of the forms immediately emailed to you, purchase our complete Guide to Probate only £5.00.

Probate can be an extremely complex task our complete guide will give you an insight into the process. Our pack includes a full outline of the process, all of the forms required to a submit a Probate application. Plus template letters for the various institutions that you may need to write to.

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Probate Form PA4 is simply a list of Probate Registries and Interview Venues throughout England and Wales and their opening hours.

Probate Application Checking Service

We provide a probate application checking service for a fixed cost of £59 plus VAT where form IHT205 is being submitted and £159 plus VAT where the series of forms known as IHT400 have to be used. Any files can be send to us directly in the post alternatively we can accept scanned copies by email. Call us on 02037 338 201to get the ball rolling. We are a private company and not affiliated by HM Court service, if we find any errors we will notify you and your error can be corrected before submission to the courts.

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Why do I Need this Information?

In order to obtain probate, you'll need to attend an interview to confirm in person that the information submitted in your probate application is correct. At the interview all the personal representatives who have applied for a grant of representation will need to swear an oath.

You'll need to check Probate Form PA4 before you complete probate form PA1 (the application) because you'll be asked to specify the venue at which you wish to attend the interview. Your probate application must also be sent to the controlling Probate Registry responsible for that venue. If, for example you live in Croydon, you'll send your application to London Probate Department. This is all detailed in Probate Form PA4. Click here to view

Normally within 10 days of sending in your application to the controlling registry detailed in Probate Form PA4, you'll receive an appointment for your interview.

More About Applying for a Grant of Representation

As well as Probate Form PA4, you'll also need to read probate form PA3 which details thefees you'll incur by the administrative body; HM Courts & Tribunals Service. You'll need to calculate how many official sealed copies of the document you require and your total amount due so you can enclose a cheque or postal order with your PA1.

Probate forms IHT205 and IHT400 deal with inheritance tax and are dealt with by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Do not contact the registry detailed in Probate Form PA4 as staff are not trained to deal with inheritance tax issues. IHT205 must be filled out if no Inheritance Tax is owed (expected estate) and 400 is to give a full account of the deceased persons estate for those who are liable for tax.

Further Help and Advice

If you need any help or assistance with your probate application or you don't understand something detailed on Probate Form PA4, please feel free to contact the IWC advice line on 0800 612 6105. For simple cases, our downloadable guide at £4.99 stops you having to trawl the internet to forms and advice as everything you need to complete the process is included.

The procedure may already be causing you unnecessary stress and aggravation, if so perhaps you'd like to obtain a free quote to have a qualified professional take care of it for you. IWC offer low cost fixed fee probate services with nationwide coverage.

DIY probate is fine but if your case is more complicated that the norm, such as when dealing with an intestate death or where beneficiaries are liable to pay inheritance tax, legal advice is recommended. As an executor, you have a serious legal responsibility to uphold and coupled with stress and emotional aspect, it can simply be too much to handle all at once.

IWC can at least help to alleviate the legal burden, we have a Freephone number open 7 days a week, until 10pm offering help and advice. Or you can get a free quote for us to take care of everything, from the initial application for probate to dealing with financial institutions. Call us on 02037 338 201.

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Probate Form PA4

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