Probate Form PA25 (Power Reserved Form)

Form PA25 (also known as Power Reserved form) is completed when an executor decides they do not wish to act.This can be for various reasons, such as work commitments or simply living too far away from the registry office. By signing the form you agree to 'reserve your power to act.'

We can supply the equivalent of the PA25 form (Power Reserved form) via purchase and send to your email address immediately.

Priced at £9.50 plus vat this form, upon purchase, is available to immediately download. No waiting around. The very simple form allows you to include your name and address and the name and address of the person reserving power. Once completed both will need to sign and this must be sent to the probate registry with your Personal Application.

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In completing PA25 (or equivalent form) you are essentially stating that you do not wish to apply for probate now but wish to reserve the right to act as executor in the future if necessary. That's why the PA25 form is often referred to as having 'power reserved,' or a power reserved form.

Only the executor/s who attend the probate registry interview will be named on the grant of representation and this means only their signature will be required to release the assets. You cannot reserve power to act and renounce probate if you've already been involved in the practicalities of dealing with the will. This is known as intermeddling and means you will still be held legally responsible to carry out the administration process.

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You should receive PA25 formfrom the registry after submitting the PA1 application. This is for the executor/s to sign to confirm their intention. This should then be completed and then returned as instructed.

Sometimes renunciation is necessary, an executor may live abroad and be unable to attend interviews and fulfil the demanding role of estate administrator. Renouncing your rights to act as executor and signing the PA25 is not a decision to be entered into lightly. You may feel overwhelmed and unable to commit the time necessary to fulfil your duties. However, consider that by doing so you are standing aside for another executor to obtain probate and take charge of the estate.

You do have the option of seeking legal assistance. Often, relatives of the deceased are emotionally distressed, devastated by their loss and simply cannot bear dealing with complex legalities and inheritance tax issues. You need not renounce your executorship; you could employ the services of a specialist probate practitioner, who take care of everything on your behalf.

IWC offer a probate and estate administration service. We'll agree a fixed fee with you at the start before any works are carried out. You need not even pay us in advance; the bill can be settled at the end of the process. Our costs are not based on the value of the estate, nor do we charge hourly rates or per task. This means you get a low cost solution, where you maintain control.

We even offer free help and advice; you can call our Freephone number 0800 612 6105, 7 days a week until 10pm at night, where we can give you invaluable, expert advice. Alternatively, you can make a no-obligation appointment to discuss any problems or issues you have relating to probate and estate administration.

If you need help or need information with regards to probate or letters of administration visit our Probate page.

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