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Applying for Probate

To apply for a grant of probate or letters of administration you'll need submit an application and fill out what is known as PA1 Form. As fully qualified, specialised probate practitioners, IWC can apply for the grant for you and take care of the completion of all related probate forms. We offer an inclusive service which not only includes filling out Form PA1 and Inheritance Tax forms but also dealing with all executors, administrators and beneficiaries, financial institutions and the Inland Revenue so you don't have to.

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Probate Application Form PA1

Form PA1 is used when applying for probate if the deceased lived in England or Wales or resided abroad with assets in England and Wales. It asks for details about the person who has died, the will (if there is one), their surviving relatives and representatives. This must be completed regardless of whether there is inheritance tax owed on the estate or not.

It is available to download from the website of HM Courts & Tribunals Service who administers the system. It isn't necessary for all beneficiaries to complete the form and apply for probate. Usually, just the executor named in the will or the next of kin automatically appointed as executor.

Related Forms

PA1a contains guidance notes on how to complete PA1.

PA2 is a guide to obtaining probate if you're not using a solicitor. You may find it a little sketchy, it is far from exhaustive. If you've chosen DIY probate, IWC can help with comprehensive downloadable probate guides including all relevant forms.

PA3 details fees you'll incur. There are extra charges made depending on how many official sealed copies of the Grant of Representation you need. Financial institutions need to see sealed copies of the grant before they can release assets to you. Decide how many you'll need before filling out the Form PA1.

PA4 is a list of probate registry and interview locations throughout the country. You'll need to refer to this to complete the first section of the PA1 form which asks you to state where you'd like to be interviewed.

How long does it take to Process The PA1 Form?

Sometimes, in complex cases, HM Courts & Tribunals Service may require you to sign additional documents or contact other people of which you will be notified. Provided there are no problems, you'll be sent a letter in 10-14 days inviting you to attend an interview.

Can I Apply Independently?

Yes you can. Bear in mind though that the probate process can be quite daunting for a person who has never done it before. In more complex cases where there is no will or Inheritance Tax issues it is recommended that you get professional advice.

IWC offer a full probate application service which include the completion of Form PA1, for more information about or low cost fixed fee probate, contact us Freephone on 0800 612 6105. You can get free advice, a no-obligation quote or make an appointment to see us in person.

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Probate Form PA1

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