Lasting Power of Attorney Guidance

Creating an LPA involves the completion of complex forms by donors, attorneys and certificate providers which have to be signed and witnessed. If your affairs are complicated, it is advisable to speak to a legal professional before you create an LPA.

IWC offer a professional lasting power of attorney service. We'll visit you in person at your home or workplace to offer lasting power of attorney guidance, explain the legal implications and answer any of your questions or concerns. We will then complete the forms, prepare and witness the LPA.

Highly Qualified - Professionals at IWC are highly qualified to assist you, with either full STEP membership or Law degree certified.

Specialist Practitioners - As a specialist Will Writing and Probate company, practitioners at IWC are fully conversant in current incapacity, inheritance, and tax laws.

Well Trusted - IWC are the preferred practitioners of the British Forces Pension Society.

Fully Insured - and Regulated by the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners.

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There are different guidance sheets and forms depending on whether you are creating a financial or a health LPA. A financial LPA is to allow attorneys to manage your monetary and property affairs. A health and welfare POA is to enable attorneys to make decisions in relation to health care, treatment and well-being. These are available from the Office of the Public Guardian.

Either way, there are some common terms you'll need to become familiar with contained within the guidance notes. These are the key people who will need to be involved in the creation of your LPA.

Donor - This is the legal term for the person who wishes to create the document and give POA. To be a donor, you must have the ability/capacity to make a decision of this magnitude.

Attorney - The person or persons you'll appoint LPA to, this can be anyone over the age of 18 as long as they are not a bankrupt.

Certificate Providers - This person must verify that you understand the significance of the document and that no pressure or fraud is involved. It can be someone who has known you for at least 2 years or a professional person. An attorney cannot be a certificate provider.

People to be told - Can be up to 5 people who know you well. They will be informed and offered the rights to object when the LPA is registered. If you don't include any people to be told, you'll require 2 certificate providers.

Independent Witness - Forms need to be signed by a witness. The can be anyone who is present when forms are signed and dated, apart from an attorney.

Before the completion of lasting power of attorney forms, it is recommended that you arrange in advance who will fulfil the aforementioned roles. There is a lasting power of attorney information sheet contained at the beginning of each form which gives extra information about who is eligible.

For legal lasting power of attorney guidance, contact IWC on 0800 612 6105.

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Lasting Power of Attorney Guidance

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