Lasting Power of Attorney Cost

The lasting power of attorney cost is £290 plus VAT for financial and the same for health. We offer a special inclusive price of £390 plus vat for a couple having the same type of LPA or £590 plus VAT for a couple having both LPAs. It is recommended this is done at the same time you make your will. (Please note registration fees are additional)

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IWC will create the lasting POA on your behalf. The cost includes a home visit, legal guidance, preparation and witnessing the LPA. We offer a high-quality service, Nationwide and are;

Highly Qualified - Professionals at IWC are highly qualified to assist you, with either full STEP membership or Law degree certified.

Specialists - We are a specialist Will Writing and Probate company, fully conversant in current incapacity, inheritance, and tax laws.

Well Trusted - The preferred practitioners for the British Forces Pension Society.

Fully Insured - and Regulated by the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners.

No one can create a power of attorney for you and it must be prepared while you are still capable. Planning ahead will give you peace of mind so that whatever happens, your affairs will be dealt with in accordance with your wishes, by someone you trust.

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The Real Lasting Power of Attorney Cost

Whatever your lasting power of attorney costs, the consequences of not having one can far out-weigh this. If you become mentally incapable and have not appointed an attorney, your finances may be frozen until the Court of Protection appoints a deputy. It can cost over £2000 for a relative to apply for a deputy order and the process is complicated and lengthy. The following scenario is a true story.

Mrs Y became incapacitated and was put into a residential care home after her husband died. With no LPA, her family were unable to take over control of her finances. This resulted in her estate paying nursing home fees of £1000 per week while relatives had to go through the lengthy process of applying for deputyship.

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There is a misconception that LPAs are something that the elderly need. This is not the case; you could become incapacitated for a number of reasons, such as a car accident or mental illness. Imagine the effects on your family or perhaps your business if this was to happen.

Following a road accident, Mr Z slipped into a coma. As he had no lasting power of attorney in place, The Court of Protection took control of his assets and his wife had to apply to gain access to family finances and bank accounts. This cost the family thousands.

Don't leave anything to chance. It may be an unpleasant subject to deal with but the alternative is much worse. For more details on the cost and information about our other services, please call free on 0800 612 6105.

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Lasting Power of Attorney Cost

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