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IWC are fully qualified in the professional writing of Sharia Law wills. We can create an Islamic Will that is recognised by the English Legal system, essential for Muslims who own assets and live in the UK. If you do not write a Will and you pass away, your assets will pass according to the UK rules of intestacy. These laws are vastly different to the laws of your faith.

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IWC has a specialist department that deal with drafting Islamic Wills. Will writers are fully conversant with Islamic Laws of Inheritance and Succession and can ensure your will is Sharia Law compliant.Our experts at IWC, are also crafted to meet legal requirements of English Law to ensure validity within the UK.

'It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath no to let 2 nights pass without writing a will.' - Ibn Umar, contained in Muwatta.

IWC understand the significance of making an Islamic Will. It is imperative for those who reside in the UK to make a Sharia Law will. The rules of inheritance in Islamic Law are hugely different to English Law. If you die without a Sharia will, your assets and belongings will be distributed according to the English intestacy rules and not the Islamic Law of Inheritance. This means, your assets may be bequeathed to those who are not entitled under Islamic Law.

Wills ensure that your estate (after funeral expenses and outstanding debts) will pass to entitled heirs according to Sharia Law.

Make a will to ensure that your burial takes place according to Islamic rituals.

Make sure your obligations are fulfilled upon your death, for example charity (Zakat) unpaid during your lifetime.

You can appoint Guardians for children under the age of 18.

You may wish to leave a proportion to a non-relative.

Bequeath money to a charity or Islamic institution and derive successive benefit from this when you die.

If you`re resident in the UK it is advisable to get expert will writing advice with regards to inheritance tax implications also. In effect, you`re trying to reconcile the jurisdiction of two very different succession systems. For example, according to Sharia Law a wife cannot inherit all of her husband`s estate. However, as a British citizen, it is advantageous to bequeath the entire estate to a spouse because it would then be exempt from 40% inheritance tax.

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Nationwide - Our service is available throughout the UK.

Fully Qualified - Specialists in UK and Sharia Laws of inheritance and succession.

Fixed Fees - Low cost fixed fee to draft, with no expensive hourly rates.

Fully Insured - and Regulated by the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners.

No-Obligation Appointments - to discuss drafting a will in accordance with Sharia Law.

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