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Probate Registry

The Probate registry is the office of the probate service; part of the Family Division of HM Courts and Tribunals Service. When making a personal application for probate you'll apply to the registry for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. The registry is where your interview will take place, at which you'll swear an oath in order to obtain the grant.

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A personal probate application will include details of the deceased's assets on the relevant Inland Revenue forms. To the lay person these forms can be quite complex, if you need assistance with probate administration call our team on 0800 612 6105 or 020 8150 2010, we offer a guaranteed fixed fee service. Of course, this fee is agreed in advance and paid from the estate. Rest assured you need not pay us any money in advance.


Personal Applications

We will send you list of addresses and contact details of all UK probate registries.

Note that staff are not trained in probate law and it is unethical for them to offer any advice. IWC offer a free help and advice service which is not available from the probate registry. Call us free on 0800 612 6105 or you can make a no-obligation appointment to discuss your issues.

What Does the Registry Do?

Probate Applications - They are responsible for the administration of grants of probate and grants of letters of administration.

Caveats - You'll enter in a caveat probate at the registry in the event you wish to prevent someone applying.

Standing Searches - Should you wish to obtain copies of a grant of probate or will, you can apply for a standing search through the registry.

Genealogy - The probate register holds useful public records and information from 1858 to present for those carrying out genealogical research.

Probate Office Structures

The Probate Service is currently made up of:

The Principal Registry in London

11 District Probate Registries

18 Sub-Registries

There are also a number of Probate offices or interview venues to allow personal applicants to attend to swear the oath. These are simply a room in a court or local authority building. Full details of these can be found in probate form PA4.

Opening Hours

All registries are open Monday to Friday. Opening hours are normally 9.30am to 4.00pm but do vary geographically so it is recommended that you check beforehand.

Probate Interview Arrangements

Interviews are strictly by appointment only and are arranged by the District or Sub Registry.Full details of this can be found in PA4. You'll need to enter your preferred interview venue on the probate application form so will have to refer to this before you can complete it.

Which Registry should I Use?

When you have chosen your interview venue, your application must be sent to the controlling registry responsible for that venue. For example, if you want your interview to be carried out in Croydon, state this then send the paperwork to the controlling registry which is London.

Applying for Probate

In straightforward cases, there is no reason why you can't apply for probate yourself. However, in the event of an intestate death, where inheritance tax is due, complex estates or where the deceased has assets abroad; it is recommended that the executor or administrator seek legal assistance. Executors duties can be time-consuming, complex and difficult, during which, you'll be coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

IWC offer a complete probate service; dealing with the probate registry, making the application on your behalf, valuing the estate, completing the necessary HMRC forms, paying debts against the estate, collecting monies and distributing the legacy to the beneficiaries.

Our low cost, fixed fee is not based on the value of the estate but simply on the amount of work involved. Call 0800 612 6105 for your free quote, we're open 7 days a week until 10pm.

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Probate Registry

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