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How Long Does Probate Take? Probate can take years, but these are extreme cases. How long is the average time? ... 24/12/2014
MissingPersons What happens to someone's estate if they go missing without a trace? ... 22/12/2014
Dementia Stigma Affects Wills There is such a stigma attached to dementia that many people try to hide the disease, which can have a detrimental effect on the validity of their will. ... 19/12/2014
Problems With Ex Pat Wills What are the problems faced by ex pats regarding their wills?... 18/12/2014
Joan Rivers Leaves Money to Charity in Her Will Joan Rivers has left part of her fortune to a variety of different charities. ... 15/12/2014
ISA Change Means Wills Should Be Redrafted A recent change in ISA rules means that wills should be checked and redrafted to ensure that the right people inherit the right funds and assets. ... 13/12/2014
The Law Society Sought No Advice Over Sharia Law A complaint to the Law Society led to the advice note on Sharia Law being rescinded. ... 11/12/2014
Will Writing Termonology Some people are put off from writing their wills due to the potentially complicated terminology. ... 08/12/2014
Collecting from the Dead Even the dead owe taxes. ... 06/12/2014
A Brief History of Probate The current probate system has not been in existence that long, relatively speaking. What happened before it came into being? ... 03/12/2014

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