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Types of Wills Rather than just one standard document, several types of Wills are available to reflect an individual's circumstances, wishes and objectives.... 25/02/2016
Revengeful Wills What are revengeful wills, and why would anyone make one? ... 24/02/2016
Your Digital Legacy How many online accounts do you have? Not just bank accounts, but everything from your online photo albums, to Facebook, to online games... What will happen to them once you die?... 24/02/2016
The Bereaved Need Access To Social Media Accounts Governments are now pushing companies to give families access to social media accounts of the deceased. ... 24/02/2016
What To Do When Someone Dies At a time of such emotion and confusion, what needs to be done? ... 10/01/2015
More Than One Executor Why would some testators name more than one executor in their will, and how can two or more executors work together? ... 07/01/2015
A Poor Estate What happens if the debts on an estate outweigh the value of it?... 05/01/2015
The Little Things Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. ... 31/12/2014
41 Million More Wills Available to View There are now 41 million more wills available to purchase online. ... 29/12/2014
The Mistakes Executors Make There are many pitfalls and problems that newly appointed executors can come up against. ... 28/12/2014

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