The IWC Glossary

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Capacity of an adult refers to their mental state.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax applies in life and in death if an asset increases in value


A Caveat is a simple form that can be lodged at any Probate office which will stop somebody applying for Probate. This is used when a contentious matter arises

Certificate Provider

When creating a Lasting Power of Attorney a Certificate provider is required to judge the capacity of the donor.


Chattels are items of a personal nature such as jewellery, cars and furniture etc..


A way to change a will without re-writing the whole document would be to write a codicil

Contentious Probate

Contentious Probate arises when somebody, usually a family member to the deceased, objects to the distribution of the assets in a Will

Contingent Bequest

For a full explanation of a Contingent Bequest please see Bequests


The coroner is the person who is the official primarily responsible for investigating deaths

Cost for Probate

The court fee is £105.00 however when assessing the true cost of probate what you really need to know is the actual cost of estate administration

Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is the Court that oversees Deputyship Orders


Creditors are the people or institutions who are owed money

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